Well it’s time to say goodbye.

When I started this station in 2016 my goal was to gain experience so I could get a job at a local radio station. Over 6 years later, I’ve learned a few things, and gave #Halifax a nice dose of alt-rock. We took music submissions and gave a voice to #IndieArtists around the world. Through this, I’ve discovered our #Local #Indie scene which is incredible and I’ll forever be a fan.

I appreciate all the love and support we’ve received over the years but it’s time to move on. I love radio, in all forms, including internet radio. Who knows, you might still hear me on a local #Halifax station some day

If you need a radio station to get your alt-rock fix, there are lots of choices in Canada, and around the world. Don’t forget Local. @Surge105 plays some great rock music and are starting to find their identity. Give them a chance. I am.


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