Frequently asked questions

No. We are in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland. There are multiple places called New Scotland that aren’t actually in Scotland, including one in New York, USA and another in South Africa.

Nope. Getting on the FM dial is difficult to say the least. It costs a lot of money and would take a lot of time and lawyers, and court proceedings.

I feel alt-rock needs a sub-genre. For me that sub-genre is Modern Rock. I want to play heavier stuff like Avenge Sevenfold, while also playing bands like The Plain White T’s. Each of these seems like a great idea to me and other alt-rock stations tend to pick one end of the spectrum or the other, but I want both. I think the listeners want both. Plus I think it would be terrible to play these two bands one after another. Other than that, I get to play Metallica, Megadeth, and other modern rockers from the 90s.

We’ve always played Indie music but since hooking up with the Indie music bus, we’ve begun to expand the amount of Indie music we play. We’ve even started a new rotation called “The Indie Hour” which plays nothing but Indie music. We love supporting independent artists and therefore are proud to play Indie music.

Yes. We are licensed by the Canadian body known as The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) 

Artificial Intelligence. Our Automation system picks the songs based on a set of rules we’ve given it.

Zero. Staff generally get paid, and we don’t have any of that since we don’t make any money from the station. Since we started our station we have had people recording shows for our station (Currently none). We’ve also had people who go to events and take pictures, or report on the event. Lastly, we’ve had people who have managed our social media accounts. Most of this was to be able to add to their portfolio to get themselves a job in Radio, TV, News, Social media, etc.

Well we aren’t making money so we aren’t hiring anyone. We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer with our station to help build their portfolio. This doesn’t mean you have to be a graduate of a college or university program to volunteer and contribute to our station. If you are passionate and feel like you can contribute something to our station, let us know

Short answer: Let us know. We currently have 3 syndicated radio shows on our station, including Sunday Coffee House, The East Coast Countdown, and The New Music Food Truck. We are always looking for more, because our listeners want more. 

Not at this time. To be able to advertise we would need some sort of staff. At the very least we would require voices for the ads. That’s just the start. We have a list of 80+ businesses in Halifax who want to advertise on New Scotland Radio. If we tried to do this without staff, it would take a long time; time I do not have.

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